Light Up Your Christmas Holidays with Member’s Mark™ 3-Piece Pre-Lit Twinkling Deer Family!

Price Alert: Just $189.98 – an unbeatable offer!

Folks, it’s time to turn your home into a winter wonderland that’ll make even Santa envious. With Member’s Mark™ 3-Piece Pre-Lit Twinkling LED Deer Family, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. Exclusively at Sam’s Club, this deal is as rare as Rudolph’s red nose.

Here’s what’s in the spotlight:

360 warm white LED lights with a captivating twinkling effect.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy assembly with 12 yard stakes included.

5-foot (1.52 m) lead cord – flexibility, anyone?

Lifelike size, glittering material, and stylish removable bows for that extra pizzazz.

But here’s the kicker: these LED bulbs are here to stay. With an astonishing 25,000 hours of bulb life, your deer family will shine bright for many holiday seasons to come. That’s environmentally friendly too – fewer resources used over time, and recyclable packaging for good measure.


Q: Do you disassemble for storage?

A: You can leave them assembled or take them apart – your call! Assembly and disassembly are a breeze.

Q: Can they stay steady?

A: These deer are all about the twinkle, no steady burning here.

This Christmas holiday season, create the most magical atmosphere with the Member’s Mark™ 3-Piece Pre-Lit Twinkling Deer Family. And it’s not just for this year – it’s for the years to come. The secret to a spectacular holiday display is right here, waiting for you.

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